About us

I am a natural walker that loves taking long walks. During my daily walks, I have come across various dogs and, with open arms, I would greet them. I knew I had a connection with the pups and wondered if this love and passion of mine could turn into something more.

I started walking my neighbors’ dogs, then my friends’ dogs and then my family's dogs. Walking dogs was becoming an extremely joyful experience for me. I was able to gain knowledge on different type of breeds and the amount of dogs I walked had gradually increased. Whenever owners would go on vacation, I realized that I was the first person they would contact. They appreciated how I attended their dogs with love and care. Soon, my schedule started to become busy because I gained a high number of clients. I realized that I should start my own business. I slowly started creating FurryPlusFriends and with the love and support from my friends, family, and neighbors, FurryPlusFriends became a huge success.

The main goal at FurryPlusFriends is to enrich the lives of each and every pet in our care, while delivering value, convenience and peace of mind to their owners. We welcome your furry family member with courtesy, kindness, social time, exercise, and a sense of belonging. Our team is passionate about what we do, and the pets we do it for.

Your Furry Friend,